The Night Episodes
footprint tattoo

footprint tattoo

Footprints in the Sand – The Poem

The tracks on my skin
already tattoos
that kept the moon and stars
like dew on a thirsty desert
a desert sky vibrated with your
your moon
your stars
in a night of mystery
in a single night:
a moon night
and millions of stars
which is stamped forever
in my skin

your Name
was lost in the dark night
as a body, your perfume
your warmth and your pleasure star moon
vaguean still
in the dark night
who left their fresh tracks
in my skin

I am a fool, a romantic
an inventor of fantasy
one mesmerized by the moon and stars
by the mysterious night and perfumes,
I’m lost in the darkness
and the vastness of the sky,
I would say your name was imagination
is the sea as reflected in the desert
a mirage of traces of delirium
steps as are vanished in the sand
carried by the wind or the sea,
who wanted to be perpetuated
and were somewhere in the memory
stored in a trunk of my skin

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The Night Episodes