One of the most tender and suggestive tattoos should be a tattoo of an animal track. The traces are the traces it leaves any object and denote that something happened there, are a symbol of the things we make in life and stay with us forever. That’s why tattoos are not just traces a drawing, but they symbolize much more.

In the case of animal tracks tattoos, there are usually two main variants: either a trace or more tracing a path. In particular I think the path marked by footprints seems to me that it is not so original and I prefer a single footprint that is meaningful to me. Although traces the little way you can suggest other things.

The other major variation depends on the animal owner of the mark. And this can range from the innocent little feet of a puppy to the enormous claws of a bear (although it depends on what type of pet you have). Here we show you some interesting pictures of tattoos of footprints, so you see all the options you can have.

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